2016 Best Annual Report Award

COUNSEL & CAPITAL is pleased to announce the winner of the 2016 Best Annual Report Award. We want to thank all the ministries that applied. There were many excellent annual reports from ministries and churches of all sizes. The top ten finalists will be receiving a written critique of their annual report.

Winner: Plant With Purpose
Prize Amount: $50,000
Award Criteria: Plant With Purpose annual report most effectively used the Elements of an Effective Annual Report. You may view their annual report here.

The winner was selected by a committee comprised of the following:

  • Tami Heim (president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance)
  • Dan Busby (president of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability)
  • Craig Johnston (principal of Fiduciary Counsel, Inc., and longtime friend of Counsel & Capital)
  • Leonard Crowley (founder of Forgiven Communities, advocating biblical church purpose and principled board governance, and longtime friend of Counsel & Capital)

We are also pleased to announce Counsel & Capital’s 2017 Annual Report Awards. We will be offering the following three awards:

  1. Best Annual Report
  2. Best Letter From the CEO – a section of the Annual Report
  3. Most Effective Focus – a section of the Annual Report

More information on these awards will follow in the near future.