Many leaders get “too close to the forest, they cannot see the trees.” Further, the “tyranny of the urgent” impedes the leader from stepping back and identifying the “Key Log.” Leaders can become isolated, fatigued and less effective than desired.

How We Serve:

We build bridges of confidence between donors and ministries.


Step 1 – Donor or ministry completes the Key Log Questionnaire.
Step 2 – We help donors or ministries find their single most important key opportunity or obstacle (we call this the “Key Log”).
Step 3 – We provide a written strategy to help capture or remove the Key Log.
Step 4 – If requested, we ensure that the strategy is properly implemented.


Capturing the opportunity or removing the obstacle results in bursts of progress, energized leaders, increased effectiveness and enhanced impact.


COUNSEL & CAPITAL helped a ministry identify that its critical obstacle was the need to yoke the visionary founder/leader with an equally talented COO. A national search was undertaken and an excellent operating executive was hired. The result of COUNSEL & CAPITAL working with this ministry was an almost immediate 300% growth in donations and programs.