Ministries generally do a good job of connecting with the right-brain donor. However, all too often a gulf exists between left-brain donors and ministries. Left-brain donors are eager to be wise and generous. Christian ministry executives are passionate about the ministries they serve. Both think and reason differently. Neither seems to speak the other’s language.

COUNSEL & CAPITAL recommends four communication tools to help bridge this gulf – executive summary, annual report, “prospectus” and post-gift report cards.


Step 1 – Complete Key Log Counsel Questionnaire.
Step 2 – Identify the optimal communication tool (see above).
Step 3 – Collaboratively create the selected tool.
Step 4 – Develop a strategy to maximize its use.


Completing the process results in increased clarity, additional funding, a positive first impression and connection with left-brain donors.


A ministry was denied a grant from a foundation. The ministry re-submitted its request after completing a COUNSEL & CAPITAL directed communication tool. The foundation awarded the ministry a grant in excess of $1,000,000.