To build a nonprofit “investment bank” serving Christians pursuing biblical priorities, free of charge.


Founded in 1998
Invigorating Christian ministries and donors by advocating biblically-based principles of governance and giving.

Four Core Beliefs

1. Donors are Different
• Right-brain dominant (RBD) donors are motivated by pictures, stories, and emotions.
Left-brain dominant (LBD) donors are motivated by numbers, facts, and reason.

2. Cash is Needed/Cash is Plentiful
• Ministries are eager for more cash to meet more needs.
• Ministries do a good job of connecting with RBD donors but miss an opportunity by seldom fully connecting with LBD donors.

3. A LBD Donor/Ministry Gulf Exists
• LBD donors have lots of cash, but little confidence and often only make token gifts.
• A bridge of confidence over this gulf can be built by enhancing performance and communication.

4. Boards can Harm
• The typical director is well intentioned, zealous, but untrained.
• Board’s default to political governance (“the most votes win”), often causing division. Biblically-based Principled Governance is superior.

Five Core Values

1. Biblically Reliant
• We base our principles, counsel, and decisions on the inerrant Word of God.

2. Transparency
• We strive to be fully transparent with our donors and our clients.

3. Focused Relationships
• We focus on few and meaningful relationships rather than many and superficial.

4. Giving Heart
• We are a nonprofit that serves both donors and ministries, free of charge.

5. Performance
• We seek to outperform the written expectations of our clients.