Founded in the 19th Century, investment banking firms such as Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and LF Rothschild became key contributors to the United States becoming an economic powerhouse. Investment banks exists to be a bridge between capital sources (“Wall Street”) and businesses (“Main Street”). Investment banks build this bridge in two ways.

First, investment banks prepare businesses to be well received by capital sources. They encourage businesses to be focused, have credible strategies and plans, and produce transparent, relevant communication. Second, they create confidence with investors by enhancing their knowledge and trust in a particular business or industry. When the bridge is built, money moves, businesses grow, products and services expand, and people are served.

COUNSEL & CAPITAL (“C&C”) wants to transplant the role of the investment bank into the nonprofit Christian community. C&C intends to build bridges the same two ways.

If C&C succeeds in building a nonprofit “investment bank” for Christians, ministries will become more focused and effective, donors (especially the overlooked “left-brain” dominant donor) will become more fulfilled, more needs will be met, and more dreams will be realized.