Joni and Friends Ministry

“JAF Ministries recently submitted a multi-year $1,800,000 grant request to a major foundation. Upon review of our COUNSEL & CAPITAL infrastructure prospectus (Firming the Foundation), the foundation voiced its confidence in our worthiness and approved the request. It has been exciting to witness the Lord’s multiplication of gifts through our mutual efforts. We are grateful to COUNSEL & CAPITAL for their continued support and guidance.”
– N. Douglas Mazza, Executive Vice President

The Bible League

“With the support of a COUNSEL & CAPITAL team leader, we launched a radio program that expanded our ministry and gave us nearly 15,000 new relationships with the listening audience. Over time, these new friends are becoming financial supporters of our ministry. The radio program continues, and new partners are being added daily.”
– Rev. Dennis M. Mulder, President

International Bible Society

“In two short years, with the presence of a COUNSEL & CAPITAL team member on the board of International Bible Society, we were successful in retiring all bank debt. We also funded our designated program liability, closed an outdated pension plan, established policies to guide our endowment management, and restored adequate internal working capital to our ministry. Today, IBS is better positioned to launch the largest ministry initiative in our 200-year history.”
– Dr. Victor Oliver, Former Chairman

The Masters Academy International

“We have received several gifts in the $10,000 to $20,000 range in the last two weeks. The climax of the week was a gift of $1,000,000 from a man to whom I sent the prospectus…. To say he was very impressed would be an understatement.”
– Rob Iverson, Chairman

SEND International

“The prospectus process and final document have helped bring clarity of vision and focus to SEND. During the development of the prospectus, we sought feedback on a draft of the document from two donors. These two donors later provided a $700,000 matching grant for one of the projects in the prospectus. Although this project was not new to them, the prospectus enabled them to see it in the broader context of SEND. This was the largest single gift SEND has received in over 10 years.”
– Terry Harder, Director of Development

Hope International

“…I know that our conversation with COUNSEL & CAPITAL helped us to really push ourselves to produce more balanced and analytical annual reports. I often have [their] recommendations resounding in my ears as I examine drafts of our major donor proposals, reporting documents and our annual reports. Because of the feedback COUNSEL & CAPITAL provided and a number of other factors, I believe our materials have really grown in their appeal to left-brained donors.”
– Chris Horst, Vice President of Development

Jobs for Life

“I am thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to learn from you this past year. With your help in producing our 4-pager, we exceeded our initial goal of $300,000 and are now pursuing our next goal of $250,000. We’re grateful to Him for the way He has used you in this. Working with COUNSEL & CAPITAL changed everything.”
– David Spickard, President/CEO


“I am grateful for your support in helping us re-launch Biblica with this annual report. Together, we have completed a wonderful step forward for the ministry. Your wisdom, push, outside-the box thinking are all valued.”
– Doug Lockhart, CEO


“Without the leadership of a COUNSEL & CAPITAL counselor serving on the board of a Christian school, I would have never have gained the confidence to provide $4,000,000 for a new middle school expansion.”
– An Anonymous Donor


“Thanks for this report. Our investment has produced substantial return and we thank you and your staff for making this possible.”
– An Anonymous Donor


“The older I get the more I love two things–the Bible and elegant simplicity. In Breakthrough, Randy Samelson combines these two in a way that yields a profound guide for living and leading well, in just about any arena of life. Short and powerful, this book will be worth reading every year to remind me of certain foundational, biblical truths that will help me live in ways that make God smile.”
– Scott Bolinder, Executive Vice President

John Pearson Associates, Inc.

“Breakthrough is simply that—a breakthrough for leaders! Brilliant and biblical, this six-step planning model is concise, yet comprehensive. Every chapter is filled with the holy—and the practical (very practical). The wisdom and insights are PowerPoint-worthy, but delivered with humility and life-in-the-trenches experience. I’m enthusiastically recommending this to leaders and board members.”
– John Pearson, President

Haggai Institute

“Without reservation I commend the reading and rereading of Breakthrough (Unleashing the Power of a Proven Plan) by Randon A Samelson. His material on “Say It and Write It” I find cogent and compelling. His book is more than a volume of information; it’s a manual for action. I hope many more books will come from mind and heart of this spiritual and seminal thinker.”
– John Edmund Haggai, Founder

Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust

“Breakthrough invigorates the reader, leveraging timeless truths which spark the imagination. A refreshing read, Samelson provides a practical and biblical framework for ministry leaders and entrepreneurs to advance their visions into compelling plans others can embrace.”
– Bill Nyman, Vice President

Harper Collins

“I was delighted when I learned that Randy Samelson was finalizing Breakthrough. The result is a resource that is clear, concise and well-written. I loved his insights on the life of David and how David’s words and actions can help us in leading our ministries today. Thank you, Randy, for your direct approach and focus on the basics of transparency, honesty, character, and wisdom. If read and taken to heart, ministries and ministry leaders will charge forward with new life and increased vigor.”
– Doug Lockhart, SVP Bible Marketing and Outreach

BluePack Energy

“I finished your book yesterday. It was an amazing read. Rarely does a book allow the reader to walk away with a clear and concise plan of action to follow but you were able to accomplish just that. It is my sincerest hope that the fruit of this book exceeds your expectations because I believe that if your wisdom is followed the Kingdom could see many key logs removed and many more dreams come true. It is within that vein that I also wanted you to know that I have received the blessing of my pastor to begin the work on our own prospectus to raise the funds necessary to retire the churches debt. With my new found wisdom, I am pursuing that dream right now beginning with the first of the six steps you outlined. Thanks again for writing the book.”
– Josh Rutzen

The Leaders Forge

“Thank you for writing such a simple, concise road map to success for people who have vision and purpose to follow. It has been extremely enlightening and encouraging (which isn’t always the case with books about business and planning).”
– Michael O’Malley

Christlike Dialogue

“Breakthrough, by Randon Samelson is a refreshing, insightful, easy read packed with clearly articulated counsel. Samelson demonstrates by way of a biblical model and a practical six-step plan how ministries can succeed in seeing their visions become reality. This book can be of significant value to both new and established ministries.”
– Jeff Rosenau, President

Grace Gospel Fellowship

“You probably are unaware of how much God used you in my life and thus blessed Grace Centers of Hope (Pontiac Rescue Mission). Thank you for mentoring me in areas where I didn’t have a clue! Grace Centers of Hope receiving the Crain Award for “Best Managed Charity In Michigan” and “The Michigan Award” I attribute to your coaching me. I can still hear you saying to me, ‘Are you crazy’(ha).”
– Kent Ward Clark, CEO/Author Foreknown

Amazon Reviews

“The author uses King David’s 6-step process described in 1 Chronicles 28 to explain to the reader how to achieve a break through. I use a 1-page strategic plan template and process for my clients. This book supports that approach. As the author says on page 110, less is more. There were several takeaways for me in this book:”
• Find the one log causing the log jam in your organization. To do that ask “What one opportunity or obstacle, if captured or removed, would most advance our vision?”
• Organizations typically fail not for lack of vision but no plan to implement the vision.
• Peter Drucker said a vision should be short enough to fit on a t-shirt. David said his vision in 16 words (page 109)
• No plan survives contact with the enemy. Only the commander’s intent continues.
• How do you get good judgement? Experience. How do you get experience? Bad judgement.
• Founder of Fidelity Investments, Peter Lynch, gave people only 3 minutes to make a presentation to him.
• Warren Buffet started with proceeds from his paper route.

– T. Pryor

“Samelson delivers practical, sound, proven counsel on how leaders can take great ideas forward. He understands what motivates people to give generously and has a track record of helping nonprofits to understand that. Above all, Samelson wants to help nonprofit leaders communicate their great ideas in a compelling, honest and actionable way. His counsel has been meaningful for me and will be meaningful for those who read this book.”
– W. Christopher Horst

“Excellent book about fundraising campaign development.”
– Dennis Littlefield

“I highly recommend Breakthrough for anyone wanting to live with purpose and passion. This gem of a book takes a few hours to read, but will inspire you with a lifetime of wisdom to practically apply to your own life. I plan to purchase several more as gifts.”
– Deadra Mayhew